Best product quality
our foremost principle

JW Food System guarantees first-class product quality through extensive productive raw material testing, a careful selection of suppliers and theindividual raw materials. The raw material testing takes place in our own laboratory as well as additionally in accredited external laboratories. It is the aim of JW Food Systems to offer highest quality standards and to continue to improve them.

Purchase of goods
Wareneinkauf Food System
  • We select our raw materials suppliers with care. A range of criteria are taken into consideration in the selection. In addition to economic aspects, certificates and social aspects play a crucial role

  • We guarantee complete traceability of raw materials

  • We primarily support domestic agriculture





Incoming goods
Wareneingang FS
  • We test the quality of all incoming raw material batches

  • We inspect the raw materials in our own laboratory and carry out an extensive sensory inspection, viscosity measurements and sieving. Further analysis, such as microbiological examinations, are carried out by external accredited laboratories.






Quality and safety management
Qualitäts- und Sicherheitsmanagement







Production safety
  • We keep standardized documentation of all production orders

  • We produce food systems in accordance with HACCP and IFS guidelines








Outgoing goods
  • We inspect the quality of all batches prior to outgoing of finished products

  • We inspect the vehicles of our partner companies (including cleanliness, third-party loads etc.)